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Lilou Sofa Light Grey


Any room that could use some class and comfort in it? Look no further because Lilou has the right stuff to make your favorite sport even better. We love how comfy and cute Lilou Sofa Light Grey is. It’s simple design gives it a bit of edge – just enough to stand out in any interior, from modern apartments to rustic homes. Here’s why we think you’ll be napping comfortably inside your new Lil” friend. Durable, solid pine & plywood frame for staying put through changing temps. Removable padding for easy cleaning. You are fully finished back for decorum. Plush polyfill cushioning S-spring suspension makes rocking the day away fun!

When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s hard to take breaks from the world when even your desk is open for business. When you do get home after a long day and don’t immediately want to cook, it’s good to know that you can kick back on some nice furniture covered by high-quality sofa slipcovers to ease off the day’s stress. The quality furniture in your home is essential for relaxation. So it’s critical as an entrepreneur that you choose one with comfortable sofa slipcovers because they offer a variety of benefits, including insulation against friction, UV light, and mildew that protects your couch’s upholstery underneath while providing additional comfort during use!

Lilou Sofa Light Grey Features

This beautiful reclining piece by lilou Sofa Workshop is the perfect addition to your living room! Lovingly designed with a luxurious seat and durable body, this furniture will add the touch of class and comfort you deserve in your abode. This modern Lilou sofa features a contemporary twist on a classic design. This modern Lilou sofa features wooden legs for a sturdy foundation and foam cushions with a throw pillow-style back. The fully upholstered material and comfortable foam cushions mean that this couch will hug your guest, so they never want to get up from it!

Dimensions for this : 79″W X 35.5″D X 35.5″H

Seat Height:19″”

Seat Height: 19″”

Back Height: 16.5″”

Arm Height: 25″”


  • Upholstery: 100% Polyester
  • Pine and Plywood Frame
  • Poly-Flll Cushions,S-Spring Suspension

Features of Lilou Sofa Light Gray 

“What we’re getting at here is, our product – let’s call it a sofa & loveseat combo – has not just one but two chambers for maximum comfort. We will be providing you a Lilou Sofa Light Gray with all the materials to finish the backs and the arms.”

Pine and plywood make up the durable frame of this living room set. Lilou sofa  thick foam cushions come with a soft polyfill to provide great comfort and support, while an elastic band keeps the box spring tightly in place to keep you from sinking into your seat!

Care tips

  • There are many things one should do to keep their furniture, especially Lilou Sofa Light Gray in good shape. 
  • It would be best if you had already done a lot of it as you’re reading this article; things like not sitting on your sofa too much (as with all of your furniture.) Or walking around with your shoes indoors and not putting them under the sofa; you’ve already taken care of all these things, have you?
  •  For fabric upholstery, be sure to vacuum weekly. 
  • For Lilou Sofa Light Gray use a soft brush or duster to remove dust from your leather pieces! 
  • Pad cushions should be rotated every two to three weeks for even wear. 
  • The leather furniture exposed to direct sunlight will fade, so keep your couch away from windows.
  •  If fading is a concern for both fabric upholstery and leather furniture, then make sure that you’re using a clean and absorbent cloth when cleaning your furniture in order to prevent any excess water from seeping into it and causing the color to rub off prematurely.

Cleaning for sofa

Sometimes, stains are inevitable, but you can keep your furniture looking new for years with a simple spot treatment. 

If you are cleaning a microfiber or fabric sofa, it’s important to blot the stain instead of rubbing it! Rubbing can cause a ring to form in the material, and this part of the guide will go over how to spot clean microfiber Lilou sofas in the best way possible. 

We also suggest testing your treatment on an inconspicuous section of the furniture. Just in case you need to adjust the amount of cleaning agent you use or find out if a particular product does or does not work well for removing stains from your piece! 

Check out our other blog content at Lilou Sofa for more details about getting rid of stains fast.


Sofa Slipcovers are the ultimate way to improve a sofa appearance and keep it clean. It would be best if you were brushing or vacuuming your slipcovers at least once per month, with more attention paid to areas that might come into contact with excessive moisture (such as feet and legs) to prevent mildew growth. 

Machine-washable sofa slipcovers can generally be washed in cold water and mild detergent, although zippers must be closed first. Hang sofa slipcovers  to dry on a clothesline rather than inside the machine so as not to obstruct airflow and cause mildew buildup if they get damp again.

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The craftsmanship that goes into every Lilou piece is unique because of the degree to which care has been invested in each of them. The use of uniquely exquisite materials helps ensure these pieces are built to last; the modern casting technologies, the attention paid to the smallest detail, and manual polishing ensure a high-quality product. You should handle the product received from this line with care. Because these items contain materials that are sensitive to excess wear and tear due to their nature and will be adversely affected if put through a rigorous daily setting routine involving fragrances, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia, chlorine, and heat.

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