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Nevada Coffee Table

Bring Scandinavian influence into your home with the Nevada Coffee Table. This beautiful piece of furniture boasts double drawers for maximum storage! The solid oak construction and metal base further emphasize this table’s sturdy quality, which is guaranteed to add style to your living space. 

The Nevada Coffee Table is an essential piece for your living room with a space for everything. Double drawers allow you to store magazines, drink coasters, and other small things without cluttering the top surface.  

Made of oak wood and a metal base for strength and stability, the Nevada Coffee Table has a powder-coated finish that makes it easy to maintain. 


The Nevada Coffee Table is the ultimate table for your living room. This coffee table features two drawers to help keep all of your items organized and hidden away, out of sight, in a stylish way that adds a nice clean touch to any room. Made up of durable oak and legs made up of steel, the Nevada Coffee Table is the perfect table to add some class to any home or apartment. 

When caring for this type of table, be sure to wipe it down every so often with a warm cloth to ensure that dirt and grime doesn’t build up over time. We also recommend using water and mild soap when cleaning up this table’s surface. It’s best not to leave any wooden furniture beside windows for long periods during the day as this could cause discoloration.

Product Details

Dimensions: 31.5″W x 31.5″D x 16″H 


  • Solid Oak 
  • Oak Veneer 
  • Metal Base 
  • MDF 
  • Category: Coffee Tables 
  • Style: Contemporary Modern 
  • Proposition 65 Compliance: Does not contain chemicals on Prop. 65 List 
  • Product Type: Coffee Tables 
  • Main Material: Wood 
  • Frame Material: Metal 
  • Frame Material Variety: Metal Base 
  • Composite Wood Product: No 
  • Recycled Content: No 
  • Reclaimed Wood: No 
  • Distressed Finish: No 
  • Assembly Required: No Assembly Required 
  • Additional Tools Required: No 
  • Main Material Variety: Solid Oak 
  • Wood Finish: Semi-Gloss Lacquer; Oil-Based Stain 
  • Gloss Level: Semi-Gloss 

Benefits of Coffee Table

Along with a sofa or couch, a coffee table is an essential piece of furniture in the living room, and it often serves multiple purposes. It provides extra storage space for smaller items you need within reach as you relax, but it also works to make your overall décor look even more unified. Coffee tables can be made out of various materials, and they vary significantly in shape, size, and color. The most important thing is to find one that complements both the living room’s general style and your individual preferences. Functionality is always key when shopping for anything from tables to flooring to couches. No matter how attractive or fashionable something may seem, don’t forget its practical purposes! 

Provide Additional space

There are many reasons why coffee tables with storage can be worth your consideration. They’re functional and stylish and provide you with extra space when needed for any items you may have lying around the house. One of the table’s features is the built-in drawers or side shelves; they make it easier to store certain items without worrying about all the clutter that might otherwise begin taking over. This versatile table makes a thoughtful purchase that pays off over time.

They are ideal for small rooms

Small apartments are often limited in floor space, which can be an issue when adding pieces to your home. Fortunately, there are now functional solutions, such as those with very cleverly designed storage compartments underneath the top surface, that save the day because they offer both an attractive design and lots of convenient storage in one unit! 

It helps you keep the living room tidy

A coffee table with storage has many practical uses for homeowners. It acts as a decorative feature to your living room and provides additional storage for everyday items that are often stored in different places. Side drawers can be a great place to keep smaller objects such as coasters, notebooks, pens, and other things that get used more frequently. The Nevada Coffee Table is a beautiful design with great functionality.

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