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Top 3 Modern Living Room Side Tables You Will Love


Living Room Side Tables

Living room side tables are an essential furniture piece to achieving interior aesthetic design and function. Adding a side table can instantly transform a seating area from cold and boring to warm, inviting, and the most used space in the house. So why not deliver them with the importance they deserve? A side table offers additional storage and can become an original decorative piece.

When you first promote hand-me-downs and designer furniture giveaways, you generally have three key pieces in mind for the living room: The perfect coffee table, a TV outlook, and of course, that fantasy sofa.

A trusty living room side table often disregarded is the hidden rock of the living room. The coffee table classically takes center stage, while the side table sits finely in the shadows away from the fame. Small but mighty, this table piece is perfect for food and drink, books, and anything else. You need to keep inside the easy scope of your new impeccable perch.

The choice of living room side tables is endless, from numerous side table designs to hardwood couches, sculptural tables. Or individuals with extra seating for a host that crashed your dining party. Whether you love a simple, minimalistic project or a big table with drawers. We have obtained a seamless set of side table designs for you; upping up your side table game is a MUST.

How to Decorating Side Tables

The best place to place your living room side table is beside a piece of furniture you’d frequently use, such as a couch or a bed. The purpose of side tables is to provide comfort and function, like ensuring that essential items are within easy reach. 

Measure Side Table Height

The proper height side table is key to creating balance in a room and comfort. A Living Room side table that’s too short or tall looks out of place and is uncomfortable to use. The height of a side table should not be higher than the furniture arm and not be lesser than the seat; the best size is around three inches shorter than the arm. For armless seating, either uses a side table that’s the height of the measures. Or measure the height you and your guests require to reach for something while seated comfortably. When selecting the style and material of your trending side tables, remember that they aren’t central to your living room. They generally match or complement the overall style and help introduce a new element such as color or texture.

Trending Living Room Side Tables 

A contemporary side table can carry out a useful function in pulling a living room together. Placing a table lamp, pictures, or ornaments on a small side table living room can make your sense of style to the room. They can also provide extra storage and are perfect for sitting drinks on to keep them at arm’s reach. Here at Interiors design, we like to combine functionality with stylish designs, and we have a range of end table styles. That complement the decor of your room while keeping TV remotes within easy reach. Browse our great collection of side table brands below to find the perfect piece to create a cohesive look in your home.

Let’s be honest: The Living Room Side Table is an unknown part of the living room furniture world. Serving not only for remotes, cups, and magazines, side tables can also embellish a room, adding the right touch of color, texture, and personality. 

The variety of side table designs is countless, from the fashion tables with soft waterfall borders to sturdy wood stools that double as seating for that extra guest that smashed your dinner party. And the entertainment doesn’t stop with the combination of shapes. Different materials can add that additional quality note you want in your living room, bathroom, or even entryway. From granite-based Bowler table to a horseshoe-shaped dream, we’ve handpicked some killer side tables to cure all of your where-can-I-park-my-wine-glass-while-watching-Love Island woes. Whether you’re a minimalist who chooses a timeless design or a hoarder who needs more junk drawers, we’ve sourced the perfect solution for you.

With designer, sleek, and different designs, a Mila Side Table can combine with the insides of the space used. Besides, it elevates the room’s function and comfort. Your bedside table also works as a platform to keep your book, alarm clock, or implements. A modern design has been built to resemble square boxes stacked up on each other. It’s sleek, slender, and yet serves the purpose and complements the decor of this living room. Mila Side tables give a room a sense of elegance and functionality, providing a place to showcase tabletop accessories like a lamp or potted plants.

Making a splash in the modern or eclectic area, the Tiburon Side Table is a creatively bold and blocky combo of rustic and industrial aesthetics. The modern Tiburon side tables feature beautifully designed iron and solid mango wood with a warm grain. They also offer convenient storage in a generous-sized drawer, making it ideal on its own, in a set of two arranged on either end of a sofa, or even serving as unique nightstands.

There’s been no fitting pairing since wine and cheese. With a solid Satwaria marble tabletop, the Jinxx Side Table showcases the best of nature’s work. Solid acacia legs form an airy base—round shape.

Caring For Your Marble Side Table

Marble is a very porous material, meaning it can stain quickly. Avoid spitting at all costs, but if they occur, wipe them up immediately with a soft cloth and a classic principle that will transcend every dining situation. The Jinxx side Table evokes modern simplicity with its geometric base made from solid Acacia wood. Jinxx’s Satwaria marble tabletop is heavily marbled with darker grey and charcoal patterns, resulting in a charming off-white tone. Remember that each table will vary in tone & vein markings due to the natural differences in marble.


Solid Satwaria marble tabletop 

Solid acacia wood frame Style

 Scandinavian Materials Sattw.

Modern Side tables are a piece of furniture that provides a beautiful addition to any living room. Side tables facilitate relaxation and allow you to create a social environment in which guests feel welcome and at home. We put incredible effort into making our unique side table living room collections, which are beautiful and functional. We take pride in creating these pieces with beautiful material. These pieces must be quality made because we know how many side tables you already have laying around your house, and your new table must be able to blend in seamlessly!

At Brilliant Home Furniture, we admit that everyone demands to live in a home that discharges charm and sympathy.

We affirm that your living space should look fabulous and functional and reflect your style and personality. Attaining this is not as difficult as it might sound, especially when working with a professional. Sumptuous home decor doesn’t happen by chance; experts meticulously curate them.

If you want to find your perfect side table, we invite you to browse our website Brilliant Home Furniture, where you will find many inspiring images and designs. Please stay connected with us on Brilliant Home on Facebook and Instagram to get more information.

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